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23/24 Junior Club Session Changes

23/24 Junior Club Session Changes

Andrew Thrower31 May 2023 - 16:50
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From July, all Junior players will be stepping into their new sessions. Read below to see how your child is affected.

The 2022/23 season has been amazing! Filled with successes and hard work. As we reach the end of the current season, it's time to look forward at what's to come. Following our June 10th End of Year Celebration (tickets available here), players will be starting their pre-season at their new sessions with their new coaches from week commencing July 3rd.

So which session, from July, do I attend? Our sessions are based upon school year. Players should attend the session which corresponds to the school year your child will be in in September 2023. For some, the new session could mean a change in evening albeit we have aimed to keep as much consistency as possible. Whilst we understand many people have multiple commitments, we hope by giving enough notice, necessary adjustments to schedules can be made.

From July 2023, the sessions will be as follows...

Year 3/4 - Under 9's - Thursday 6-7pm

Year 5/6 - Under 11's - Thursday 7-8pm

Year 7 - Under 12's - Monday 6-8pm

Year 8/9 - Under 14's - Tuesday 6-8pm

Year 10/11 - Under 16's - Friday 6-8pm

Girls (Year 7-13)

The girls session has grown fantastically well over the past 12 months but we now see a wider age range with a number of girls entering year 12 next year and only an hour a week of court time available currently. We have therefore made the decision to increase the time and number of sessions we offer for girls. In order to achieve this, the girls sessions will be at a brand new venue, Christ The King High School, walking distance from our main venue at Cardinal Newman college. The girls sessions will run as follows:

Year 7-9 - Under 14's - Tuesday 6-7:30pm

Year 10-13 - Under 18's - Tuesday 7:30-9pm

More information will be provided in due course to ensure everyone knows how to get to the new venue.

Why July?

The changeover is occurring sooner this year compared to previous years, predominantly to ensure our teams are ready for the new competitions they will be entering starting this September. By moving age groups earlier, players are able to spend the Summer with their new teammates and coaching staff in preparation for the upcoming season. We have been working tirelessly to ensure the 2023/24 season improves on the previous season's offering and we are confident this will be the best season ever.


Towards the end of June, we will be manually cancelling all current DD's. You'll get a notification from the payment provider GoCardless to make you aware of this so please don't panic! From this point, we'll have all the new DD's ready and waiting for you on our shop to sign up again. If there are any questions on this our treasurer Andy Thrower is available via Facebook, team Whatsapp groups or at the club email address. Further communication will follow in due course.

We have so much we want to share with you so keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for more exciting announcements. For right now, if you have any questions at all, please message Coach Shaun via Pitchero or in your teams Whatsapp group.

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