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Mon 15 Jan 2024
Burnley Blazers 1
Preston Basketball Club
2nd Team
A win left in Burnley

A win left in Burnley

Andrew Thrower30 Jan - 22:05
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We felt superior throughout but let it slip away

Burnley were a team that put us away in ruthless fashion in both games we played them last season. The first few minutes of this game told us enough to know that we weren't going to allow it to happen this time. After the defensive disappointments of Belle Vue the previous week, we had prioritised upping our intensity in that area and the Burnley team were struggling to get any joy. It didn't feel easy for us to score however. Shots weren't quite dropping and we weren't able to find a way to penetrate the zone to find the momentum required to take control of the game. It really did feel like it would click at some point though and that we would come away deserved winners. There was a damaging spell at the end of the half however where momentum was handed to Blazers. Two live-ball turnovers gave them an unwarranted lead and then an opportunity to take the last shot was again given up for easy points. Inexplicably, we failed to score for the first seven minutes of the second half and an unsurmountable lead was built. We gave glimpses of possible comebacks but their impressive and experienced centre found ways to keep them scoring and keep us at bay. A very frustrating outcome to what felt like a surprisingly winnable game after the chastening experiences we've had at their hands in the recent past. We will absolutely be targetting a victory when they make the trip to Newman.

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Mon 15 Jan 2024


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